Want to raise more dollars and food but can't find the right words? Use these three sample emails to help get you started!


Audience: Any

Dear friend,

Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) President John Thies is leading an effort of Illinois lawyers to provide One Million Meals to the hungry and needy in our state. I have joined the effort, along with [FIRM/BAR/SCHOOL NAME], to help meet that goal.

Because of the efficiency of our state’s 8 Feeding Illinois food banks, every $20 provides 100 meals towards our goal of one million. Teams of lawyers from around the state have been formed in a friendly competition to strive together to meet this need.

Please join me with [TEAM NAME] by making a contribution of $20 – or better yet, $100! – to help feed the hungry. It’s easy! It’s painless! It’s darn near fun!

1. Just go to my team’s fundraising page: [INSERT URL]

2. Click on “Donate”

3. And fill in the rest.

Your gift will be tracked by your zip code and routed to your local food bank, so every dollar you give stays in your local community.

Thanks so much for your generous support!

Your friend,


P.S. You can follow our progress toward our 1 million meal goal by visiting the campaign website: www.lawyersfeedingil.org .

Audience: Non-legal

Dear ­_____________:

Did you know that 1.9 million people living in Illinois struggle with hunger?  Although many of us might not immediately think of hunger as a pressing social issue in our community, hunger is a problem for children, elderly, and people just like us throughout this state.  Hunger is a problem in your local community. Illinois Lawyers are stepping up to fight hunger in Illinois through the "Lawyers Feeding Illinois” Campaign.

Lawyers Feeding Illinois is a two-week friendly competition among the legal community to see who can raise the most food and funds for our state’s food banks by March 1, 2013. The goal of Lawyers Feeding Illinois is to raise ONE MILLION meals to feed the hungry men, women and children of our state. My [firm/bar/school] is registered to help, and we’ve already raised [# OF MEALS]. I know we can do even more with your help!

Will you support my team and help feed our neighbors by donating online today at my team’s fundraising page [INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE URL]? Every $1 you give will provide 5 meals – and get us closer to our big goal. Or, you can make a donation of food at [INSERT COLLECTION LOCATION].  Each pound we collect provides about 1 meal. 100% of every donation you make to this campaign will stay local, in your community, as all donations will be tracked by zip code and routed to your local food bank.

Still not convinced? Watch this short video clip from ISBA President John Thies with some more details on the growing problem of hunger in our state. After you watch the video clip, please consider making a donation in support of my team, [TEAM NAME].

Let's step up and help provide ONE MILLION meals to the hungry men, women and children of our state.




Audience: Non-registered firms

Dear [name],

My [firm] is registered to compete in the Illinois State Bar Association’s Lawyers Feeding Illinois campaign, and I'd like to invite you to compete against us. Though we'll be competing against teams across the state -- hopefully including yours – we are all working toward a common goal: to provide 1 million meals for the eight regional food banks in Illinois. Attorney General Lisa Madigan has thrown her full support behind this effort, an ambitious effort to help the 1.9 million people in Illinois who experience food insecurity.

The campaign is taking place between February 18 and March 1, 2013, and there’s still time to register. Here’s how [your firm] can help:

-- Register the firm as a team at www.lawyersfeedingil.org -- it takes less than 5 minutes.

-- Donate online today, and throughout the campaign.

-- Urge other firms to register too -- then out-raise them in hopes of winning one of our awards!

Or, simply support my team by clicking this link [INSERT TEAM URL] – maybe I’ll share the bragging rights with you when I win! Every $100 you give can help us provide 500 meals toward our goal!

Hunger is on the rise in every county in Illinois, and the recent economic downturn has had a devastating impact in Illinois.  Feeding Illinois, the association that oversees the state’s eight food banks, has seen a dramatic increase in requests for emergency food assistance over the past three years.  In 2011, those eight food banks distributed 120 million pounds of food to an estimated 1.4 million people in Illinois, a staggering 61% increase since the recession began.  With needs as great as this, we must ask: how could we not help?

Sign up today. Let’s all be Lawyers Feeding Illinois.

Best regards,



Lawyers Feeding Illinois



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